Save Day Kimball Healthcare

We are a coalition of community members in Northeast Connecticut who promote equitable access to quality healthcare 

We are “health protectors” – activists and organizers working in collaboration with our local healthcare providers

Our Goals

Assure that our local healthcare system continues to be of high quality, locally controlled, independent and accountable to our community.

We need:

Equitable access to healthcare

Essential health care that is locally delivered: 

Effective linkages to and resources to receive specialty and tertiary care

A Day Kimball Healthcare system that is financially viable, with strong corporate governance and responsive to the changing healthcare environment and the needs of the community

Our Work

Collaborate with local, regional, state and national organizations, agencies and institutions to bring resources and benefits to Day Kimball Healthcare and our community

Develop an effective relationship between our healthcare system and our community to build health and wellness by informing the board, management, corporators and practitioners about the needs, priorities and perspectives of diverse members of the community

Inform, educate, and support community members in their healthcare advocacy and work

Highlight the assets of the community that support medical partitioner recruitment and the economic development of our region

On our resources page you will see new plans, information, actions, and documents that will help you to continue your involvement, or become newly involved, in membership to save our Day Kimball Healthcare for us all.


Want to get involved?

Contact: to get more information on our effort and to join the team

The Quiet Corner, NE Connecticut