Get Involved

Petition the Connecticut State Office of Health Strategy

The issue: 

Print Handouts to distribute locally

As a hint on the brochure, you will notice a faint line at the top of the inside page between the “Emergency” and “Community concerns” sections. If you fold the right side of the paper to meet that line, then fold the left side over it, everything comes out as it should. 

Encourage organizations of which you are a member to write to the

Office of Health Policy, CON,  to object to the sale.

Prepare for the Public Hearing

The Department of Public Health, Office of Health Strategy, is considering DKH-Covenant's application for a Certiicate of Need. Sometime in the next few months it will call a public hearing to allow the community to voice its objections or support for the acquisition. The hearing will likely be held via Zoom, and individuals will have 3 minutes to state their positions. We welcome and encourage your input. Encourage your family, friends and neighbors to testify.

Some ideas for testifying:

Tell us more ideas and we will share them!