Save Day Kimball Healthcare

We are a coalition of community members who acted to reject the proposed acquisition of 

Day Kimball Healthcare (DKH) by Covenant Health. 

With your help and the assistance of the State of Connecticut we were successful.

 Covenant Health withdrew its offer to acquire DKH.

Who are we now as we transition from challenge to cooperation?

We still are a community coalition that is advocating to Save Day Kimball Healthcare 

We still want to assure that our community is served by a locally controlled, independent health care system

We still expect that our healthcare system be responsive to community needs

We still expect DKH to be an effective, efficient and quality provider of healthcare for our community

We still expect that DKH be transparent and accountable to the community

We still want:

Equitable access to care

Focus on primary care, emergency care and the public health

Engagement with the community

What will we do?

Collaborate with other local, regional, state and national organizations to bring resources and benefits to DKH and our community

Work to inform DKH about the needs and perspectives of members of the community

Support efforts by community members to assist in the public health endeavors of DKH

You will see new plans, information, actions, and documents that will help you to continue your involvement, or become newly involved, in membership to save our Day Kimball Healthcare for us all.

Check this space and let us know if you want to join our coalition.


Want to get involved?

Contact: to get more information on our effort and to join the team

The Quiet Corner, NE Connecticut